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This Product Can:

Sing with Range, Act  Dramatically, Time Comedically, Film Act, TV Act, IMPROVISE, Theatre Act, Musical Theatre Act, Act Shakespeare, Voiceover, Perform Puppetry, Create Sketch, Character Move, College Basketball Watch, Write

This Product Can't:

Russian Dance, Crochet, Eat a cherry tomato, Dunk a Basketball

Michael hails from mighty Southern Connecticut: a place where people go to pretend they don't work in the urban grind of Manhattan every day. This was faux-country. Land of the decorative barn. There he grew up with two loving parents, three excellent siblings, a dog, and a panda. There was no panda, but he firmly believes that would have been cool.

After graduating from Villanova University near Philly, where he met his beautiful Boston wife, he attended AMDA in NYC and spent the next few years touring the country, acting and singing regionally, and then performing considerably on the NY Stage, where he worked Off-Broadway, Off-off, and in concerts. Along the way he earned a reputation for helping to develop quirky and original characters in new plays and musicals, for his improv skills and for his versatility in both comedy and drama.

Eventually, he turned his attention to the camera, where he made his TV debut on Boardwalk Empire, costarring opposite Shea Whigham in Episode 406 "The North Star." He also began writing again and is currently developing a number of projects including a sitcom about a dysfunctional gym teacher and a feature dramedy about an angry young millennial.

After some time on the NYC Indy film scene, he hoisted up his Yankee ties and set sail west for Los Angeles. Not literally. You can't sail across the country. He took a plane.

Fresh on the LA scene, Mike has signed with the wonderful Avalon Artists Group Commercial Team. He's thrilled to be in a new, warmer city with his beloved wife, Lindsay, and ferocious five pound poodle, Boomer. He intends to someday have a panda, but otherwise plans to settle for a few kids.

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