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In addition to helping to develop many fantastic new works as an actor, Mike has had a groundbreaking year so far as a writer. 


Michael's short film script, Dear Aunt Noa, has already garnered early industry attention and attachments from esteemed talent in front of the camera and behind it. The project will shoot this winter with Mike also taking on one of the two main characters. 

Mike's rookie feature film, The Shirt Off My Back, is in development. Scroll down to learn about these and other upcoming projects.


a sketch show for the whole family

           ...if you have an F'd up family.

All American Tribe uses biting and irreverent comedy to confront the dangerous fog of tribalism that America is losing itself in today. Saurabh Kikani (The Comedy Store) and Michael Armstrong Barr (Some other places) take a cue from the bold take-no-prisoners approach of South Park to deliver a healthy dose of satirical sketch comedy that will make you addition to some shit that doesn't require anyone to think at all (actually it's probably best if you didn't) like whatever the hell this clip is below....

the shirt off my back

More than just a commentary on the subjectivity of art and the fad addiction and hysteria of social media, The Shirt Off My Back uses darkly sharp humor and somber breathes in between to explore what happens when reality fails expectations. Set across 4 days on the East side of LA and seen through the eyes of defective Writer-turned-AmBOOKsador Kip, his fellow dysfunctional millennials Randall and Clara, and, of course, the title character (Kip's lucky shirt), TSOMB will answer important questions like: How valuable can a single item be? Does pot really make you more creative? And what the fuck is an AmBOOKsador?

A populist family man mechanic from Ohio and a liberal environmental activist trans woman from LA walk into bar...They also happen to be life long friends. Pink Dinosaurs is an ensemble feature built upon a concept short:

Dear Aunt Noa. The short and the feature to follow capture the sometimes conflicting intersection between friendship and ideology. Love and Belief. In a starkly divisive society, Pink Dinosaurs has the often painful conversation that everyone is muting out of their echo chambers and reveals humans to be the truly complex creatures that we are, instead of just a caricature "us" or "them."

Pink Dinosaurs

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