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SAM & SPRINKLE productions

Michael Armstrong Barr and Max Schwendner had a dream. And then they had a couple of babies: Sam the meatball and the growing, but yet to be born or officially named, fetus known as Sprinkle. Mike and Max still share the dream. Not the babies. They never shared them. Though their families are close  -  and their babies will be fast friends, whether they like it or not, damnit.

Looking for challenging, engaging, universal art that inspires thought and laugher and tears and maybe a little bit of money, the pair set out to create a film production company that cares...mostly about the things stated above.

Look out for their flagship short depicting the complications of American identity in her present day; DEAR AUNT NOA is a concept short with an ensemble feature future, filming in February 2019 before hitting the festival circuit shortly thereafter. At the directing helm is actress/composer/director/trans activist Dana Levinson. We couldn't be more excited. About the baby thing too. 



Red Dead.jpg

Michael had the pleasure of voicing some of the Wild West community in Rockstar Game's groundbreaking new video game: RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. Of course, as he sports a deep south drawl that contrasts with his natural Yankee/Connecticution accent, you may never actually realize it's him.

Mike also did some motion capture for the game, so if you see any goofy facial expressions or awkward movements - his natural physicality - you've probably spotted him.


This gem has shattered Entertainment Business Records and is redefining the entire video game industry.  Check out this Business Wire Article confirming the phenomenon.


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